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The prospect of a regulatory audit can be rather daunting. Regulatory audits are stressful. One of the main sources of stress is fear is the unknown. An audit is only snapshot in time of your operations therefore although you try, you cannot and will not be able to prepare for everything that may be part of the inspection.

Key Tips towards success include but are not limited to:

  • Make sure your documentation is good order, traceable and available
  • Your SOPs are compliant, current and compliant
  • Critical Quality incidents are documented, investigated, and have appropriate corrective actions and preventative actions assigned
  • Ensure these actions are implemented and monitored to show effectiveness.
  • Validate critical processes and procedures
  • Qualify Equipment
  • Train staff effectively
  • Document and justify any risk assessment decisions you have madeYour self – inspection program and regular review and trending of your quality incidents will help you maintain compliant
  • operations. Use it to identify recurring incidents and identify opportunities for improvement on an ongoing basis.

PMcG consulting offers an auditing service to help you prepare for a regulatory GMP audit, or pre-licensing audit for GMP activities. We can also act as your QA to audit your internal QMS and perform your self-inspection modules.

On the post audit side, PMcG Consulting can help you prepare a response to a regulatory audit and help you find and implement solutions to the observations you received.

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  • Pauline is keen and hardworking, she loves her sciences and passionate about what she does. I so much enjoyed working with her, she has provided great insight on many technical and scientific issues related to analytical method development and analytical method validation. Her most important quality is her patience and perseverance and of course, fun to work with
  • Contracted Pauline to assess analytical methods validation, and to subsequently create a 'gap' report - and then to work at 'fixing' the gap. Pauline was excellent in her attention to detail, and her thorough knowledge of what was needed. She also worked on several projects after that one - always with the same high standards and commitment to provide value to the client. I heartily endorse her work.
  • Pauline is an excellent professional in the life science business. She did a great job as project manager in analytical development and validation at SGS Life Science Services. She was appreciated by her colleagues and her customers.
  • Pauline's ability to understand and integrate the scientific challenges of industry, with government and academia are unsurpassed. I am so confident with her ability to deliver meaningful yet pragmatic leadership as it applies to the pharmaceutical industry that I have recommended her to numerous prominent companies who have subsequently hired her and been extremely happy with the results she is able to deliver.